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Introducing WhenHub Interface

Watch WhenHub co-founder and Dilbert Creator Scott Adams as he launches Interface LIVE on Periscope.

Interface Beta App Screenshots

The BETA release of the WhenHub Interface mobile app is now available. In this release, we wanted to deliver basic, blockchain-enabled video Interfacing so we opted to support only real-time availability of Experts. In later releases, we will implement scheduling and bidding features as described in the white paper.

ICO Highlights

$35 million goal

$40 million max

Mar. 19 - Sep. 19, 2018

ICO may end earlier once goal is reached

$0.25 per WHEN Token

350 million tokens allocated

Bounty Highlights

User referrals

Referrer and referree each get 100 WHEN Tokens

ICO referrals

Referrers earn 3% WHEN Tokens of referred purchases

Instant, no-hassle payouts

Bounty payouts automatically handled by Smart Contract

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WHEN Token Economics


Total supply of WHEN Tokens

350,000,000 (40%)

Public: ICO tokens

227,500,000 (26%)

Public: Incentive tokens for network growth

262,500,000 (30%)

Company: Reserve with 3-year vesting

17,500,000 (2%)

Network Partners: Verification services

17,500,000 (2%)

WhenHub Foundation: Education charity

Use of Funds

Use of Funds

Founding Team

Quin Harker
Quin Harker

Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer

Quin Harker has over 20 years of experience in the global mobility and transportation industry. Throughout his career he has achieved Master Club Perfomance recognition in service to Fortune 500 clients and industry leading organizations throughout Silicon Valley.

Scott Adams
Scott Adams

Co-founder/Chief Strategy Officer

Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, one of the most popular comic strips of all time. Dilbert appears in over 2,000 newspapers, in 57 countries. His bestsellers include The Dilbert Principle, Dogbert’s Top Secret Management Handbook, and How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big. His latest book is Win Bigly

Nik Kalyani
Nik Kalyani

Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer

Nik Kalyani is a veteran technology entrepreneur with multiple successful startups. His latest success was as co-founder of DNN Software , an Open Source CMS venture-funded company that was acquired in August 2017 by ESW Capital, an Austin-based Enterprise Software management company.

Product Team

Jonathan Sheely
Jonathan Sheely

Chief Architect

Cornelius Kruger
Cornelius Kruger

Mobile Engineer

Traci Fong
Traci Fong

Web Developer

Ralph Williams
Ralph Williams

UX Engineer (Part-time)

Bridget Cash
Bridget Cash

Content Specialist/QA Tester (Part-time)

Michele Hyndman
Michele Hyndman

Marketing Specialist (Part-time)


Vladimir Nikitin
Vladimir Nikitin

ICO Advisor

Vladimir Nikitin is the co-founder of Top ICO Advisor, an accomplished legal consultant, ICO advisor, Blockchain cryptocurrency specialist and a member of several Boards of Directors. Nikitin is a renowned member of the crypto community and an active advocate of Blockchain over the last few years where he has gained an extensive community of contacts, as well as over 30,000 network connections on LinkedIn.

Nikolay Shkilev
Nikolay Shkilev

ICO Advisor

Nikolay Shkilev is an entrepreneur, owner and co-owner of many successful business projects. He is also a renowned ICO blockchain advisor and ICObench expert, co-founder of Top ICO Advisors, a team with the greatest ICO advisors, lawyers and other experts that advises businesses and shares their ICOs in Russia, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa. Shkilev is on the board of advisors of several ICO/Startups and he has been awarded the Self-Made Russia award, Tech guru and Super TOP award in the Russian Republic during his 20-year business career.

Phillip Nunn
Phillip Nunn

ICO Advisor

Phillip Nunn is an entrepreneur, ICO advisor, CEO and frequent public speaker in fintech and financial services. He founded The Blackmore Group in 2013. Today, the Group has grown into a business with £40 million of assets under management and a suite of investment products across multiple classes for individuals and institutions in the UK and overseas. With more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, Nunn specializes in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology.

Kevin Kennis
Kevin Kennis

Blockchain Engineer, BitGo

Brian Klenke
Brian Klenke

Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Navin Nagiah
Navin Nagiah

Entrepreneur in Residence, Sierra Ventures

Isabelle Guis
Isabelle Guis


Sundar Subbarayan
Sundar Subbarayan

Founder/CEO, Pursute

Anna Tang
Anna Tang

Program Manager, Security and Privacy, Google

Company Information

CalendarTree, Inc.
d/b/a WhenHub

Company Name

United States of America

Location Incorporated

4091 Alvarado Street, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Address in Silicon Valley

DLA Piper Global

Law Firm

Wells Fargo (California)


Microsoft Azure

Computing Infrastructure

Business Roadmap

Here's the 2018 roadmap for WhenHub.

WhenHub Interface App Beta


Complete development and release first Beta of WhenHub Interface mobile app.

WIN Process Patent


Patent for WIN Process was filed by WhenHub attorneys from the firm DLA Piper.

Launch ICO


Transitioned from SAFT to ICO upon completion and release of mobile app.

Exchange Listing

Q2 2018 – done

List WHEN Token on two exchanges.

Mobile App Release Candidate

Q3 2018

Scheduled Interfaces with improved search.

Finish ICO

Q3 2018

Close ICO and burn any coins remaining from ICO pool.

WhenSense + Interface Desktop

Q4 2018

WhenSense initial implementation and Desktop app.


Q4 2018

Multi-caller Interfaces with recording.

WhenHub News & Listings


ICO refers to an Initial Coin Offering (or Initial Token Offering). In today’s world, any company can easily create its own cryptocurrency, sort of like Bitcoin, but intended for use within the company’s product as opposed to being a general-use form of money. If the company’s product is successful, that gives value to the cryptocurrency within it.

Here are 10 things that you should consider in determining our trustworthiness:

1. Shipping Product: Most ICOs tell you about their vision and how they are going to realize that vision in a white paper. We have a nice white paper too, but we have gone much further than that. We already launched the Beta version of our product and it is now available for both iOS and Android. Thousands of users have downloaded it and are using it already.

2. Vision: Our vision for the WhenHub Interface Network is to build a worldwide ecosystem that makes it super easy for anybody to participate in the gig economy. Everyone is an Expert at something, and with Interface, they can not only share their knowledge with others in the world at a time of their choosing, but also make money doing so. It'll certainly be valuable to everyone who is already a freelancer, consultant or part-timer, but it will also enable millions of people who are knowledgeable, but can't have a predictable schedule (new mothers, primary care-givers for kids or ailing family members, people living in remote places, etc.), to monetize their expertise. We believe WhenHub Interface will help many people and have a positive impact on society and are working hard to realize this vision.

3. Team: We are a small team with deep technical and product expertise. With limited resources, we previously built WhenHub Studio and WhenHub Approach, and now WhenHub Interface. These are not trivial products – they have complex architectures, easy-to-use interfaces, lots of innovation and are generally very stable products. The skills needed to design, architect, build and support such applications typically requires large teams. We have done it with just four primary engineering team members. With a few additional resources, we can bring much more amazing stuff to life.

4. Reputation: We take great pride in our reputation. Every member of our team has a solid reputation both professionally and personally. We are definitely not the best self-promoters, but we let our work speak for us. Most of the senior team members are quite Google-able (if that's a word) and have a professional and public presence going back many years. Some team members aren't very active on social media because they'd rather just do their work. Try Googling us: Scott Adams (Co-founder) Nik Kalyani (Co-founder) Quin Harker (Co-founder) Jonathan Sheely (Lead Architect)

5. Accolades: Company co-founders have received many accolades. Mr. Adams is a world-renowned cartoonist, author and blogger. His funny and witty books on business have helped thousands of people. Mr. Kalyani is an 11-time awardee of Microsoft's prestigious "Most Valuable Professional" award for his work in helping build one of the largest Open Source ecosystems in the Microsoft technology domain.

6. Open and Transparent: Join our Telegram group and talk to any of us. We are based primarily in Silicon Valley, with some team members in Pennsylvania and Florida. We are happy to answer your questions about our company, our products, or really anything else within reason.

7. Location and Law: We are incorporated and do business in the United States of America. Our law firm – DLA Piper – has a stellar reputation in Silicon Valley and worldwide. As a law-abiding company, we adhere to laws and regulations and do not attempt to skirt them even though it sometimes makes progress more challenging and costly.

8. Boot-strapping and Vesting: Mr. Adams has invested over $2 million in the company, the primary funding until recently. We have worked on WhenHub as a team for the past two years and are in it for the long haul. All token grants made to team members will have a three-year vesting period.

9. Business Acumen: Mr. Adams has founded several successful businesses worth millions of dollars. Mr. Kalyani has raised venture capital for two tech startups. The last startup he co-founded – DNN Software – was acquired in August 2017 by Austin-based ESW Capital. Other team members also have managed their own businesses.

10. Patent Pending: The innovative work we are doing with WhenHub Interface is novel. We have filed a U.S. Patent application. You can see the filing receipt here.

Name: WHEN

Symbol: ₩


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Bounty Participation

Bounty participation is simple and fully automated using our Smart Contract. Both you and your friends can earn WHEN Tokens when you introduce them to WhenHub Interface.

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Our Vision – WhenHub Interface Network (WIN)

The WhenHub Interface Network (Patent Pending) is an ecosystem that uses blockchain-based smart contracts to create innovative ways in which independent workers and customers can connect for business transactions. The WhenHub Interface Network is currently in development and will be released incrementally in 2018.

Using WIN, people seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can find them, determine a time slot for interacting with them, verify their reputation, interact with them, and finally pay for the SME’s time, without friction and with the convenience of a mobile application using digital utility tokens we are introducing called "WHEN Tokens." WIN seamlessly addresses discovery, availability, trust, interaction and payment.

WIN is NOT an online people marketplace where customers post projects and experts bid to work on those projects by performing tasks. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

On WIN, experts post their available and unbillable time slots and customers bid to interact with the expert during that time slot for the purpose of knowledge transfer.

WhenHub Interface Network

Interface Transaction

An Interface transaction is a multi-step process originating with the expert and culminating in an audio, video or in-person meeting between the expert and a customer. Below is the step-by-step process of an Interface transaction for "Sam," an independent business consultant who uses Interface to monetize an unbillable time slot.

Interface Transaction

If either party fails to be present for the scheduled meeting (determined after multiple connection attempts), the WHEN Tokens they have transferred into the Smart Contract are forfeited to the other party. For the expert, this is the Surety amount. For the customer, it's the amount they bid for the transaction.

For audio or video calls, the Interface mobile app determines if the meeting occurred based on the duration of the interactivity. The session can be terminated early by mutual consent. For in-person meetings, the Interface app uses WhenHub Approach geostreaming and geofencing capabilities to determine if the meeting occurred successfully based on proximity of the two parties.

Monetize with WIN
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Product Vision
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