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Interface for Experts

    Who can be an Expert on Interface?

    Anybody can. Our definition of Expert is someone with greater knowledge of a topic than another person. You can self-rate yourself for your knowledge-level on a topic, so other users know what to expect.

    Is there a verification process for Experts?

    No. You self-rate your level of expertise.

    Why do I need to sign in with LinkedIn to be an Expert?

    We had a goal of releasing the Beta version of WhenHub Interface as soon as possible. This meant taking shortcuts in many areas. Profile management was one of these areas. Since you already have a profile on LinkedIn, it was easy for us to re-purpose it for Interface. We are working on custom profile management and expect to release this feature very soon. Once that happens, there will no longer be a need to sign in with LinkedIn to be an Expert.

    I want to be an Expert, but I signed in without LinkedIn. What now?

    Sign out, and sign back in with LinkedIn.

    Since there is no verification process, won't people lie about their expertise?

    Perhaps, but we hope not. At the end of each Interface, both the Consumer and Expert rate each other. Pretend Experts will find themselves rated poorly and show lower in search results. An Expert with consistently poor ratings will be blocked from using the service.

    How does an Expert get paid?

    After the Interface session with a Consumer is completed, there is an automated settlement process that takes place. When this happens, escrowed funds from a Consumer's WHEN Wallet are transferred to the Expert's WHEN Wallet. Payment is made based on the number of seconds for the Interface, with a minimum of 900 seconds (15 minutes). Initially, settlements may take up to 24 hours, but as the WhenHub Interface Network grows, we will ease up on the wait time and make it as close to real-time as possible.

    My LinkedIn profile picture is terrible. How do I change it?

    Custom profile and photo editing is coming very soon. Until then, pixelated photos for everyone.

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    Interface for Consumers

      Are Interface conversations with Experts free?

      It depends on the Expert. If the Expert who you are Interfacing with has an hourly rate of ₩0, then your conversation will be free.

      Where can I buy WHEN Tokens for paying Experts?

      You can buy WHEN Tokens here.

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        Does Interface billing start the moment an Expert answers?

        No. There is a 30-second grace period after the Expert answers. Billing starts after the grace period is over.

        What if I am disconnected during an Interface?

        The Interface app will automatically re-connect you if you are disconnected.

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        WHEN Wallet

          What is a WHEN Wallet?

          We wanted to make it easy for everybody to use Interface even if they are unfamiliar with crypto currencies. WHEN Wallet is a bare-bones wallet associated with your Interface account. Any free signup WHEN Tokens you are granted and any WHEN Tokens you earn as an Expert go into this wallet. You can move WHEN Tokens that are unrestricted to any other wallet of your choice.

          Is WHEN Wallet compatible with third-party wallets such as MetaMask, MyEtherWallet etc.?

          WHEN Wallet is a standard Ethereum wallet capable of storing ETH and any ERC-20 tokens, including WHEN Tokens. You can manage it with any third-party wallet that has ERC-20 compatibility.

          How do I access my WHEN Wallet from a third-party wallet client?

          Follow these instructions for accessing your WHEN Wallet using MyEtherWallet. You will need the mnemonic passphrase you were instructed to save when you signed in to the Interface mobile app. If you did not save the passphrase, it is impossible to access your WHEN Wallet from another wallet client. It is also not possible to transfer any WHEN Tokens out of the wallet. You can continue to use WHEN Tokens in the wallet for Interfacing with Experts, but that's it.

          How do I convert WHEN Tokens to other crypto or fiat currencies?

          We are waiting on approval for listing WHEN Tokens on an exchange. Once this takes place you can exchange your WHEN Tokens as needed.

          When I signed-up, I got free WHEN Tokens in my WHEN Wallet. How do I move these to an external wallet?

          You can't. Signup tokens are restricted and can be used for only one purpose – to Interface with Experts.

          When I try to transfer WHEN Tokens from my WHEN Wallet to an external wallet, the transfer fails. Why?

          Your WHEN Wallet restricts token transfers in two ways:

          1. Signup Tokens: Free tokens you got when you signed-up
          2. Escrow Tokens: Tokens that are in escrow as payment or surety for an Interface

          If you attempt a transfer from your WHEN Wallet that exceeds the total balance less signup and escrow tokens, the transfer will fail.

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          WhenHub Interface download for iOS WhenHub Interface download for Android

          WhenHub Interface download for Windows

          Product Vision
          White Paper